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Royal coffee for the demanding.

Delicate aroma and gentle taste.

Gold has a very delicate aroma. The same is with the taste, in which we notice at once the calming characteristics of Robusta. This is the first impression, but one moment later on tongue appear note of acidity, which is very desired, and which close this appetizing feast of taste. Coffee require the appropriate amount of sun. But fruits of coffee tree must not be under influence of the most aggressive rays of sunshine. And just therefore to produce our Gold Excellent we use only the most refined coffee beans, which we got from fruits ripening nearby banana trees and fig trees. These trees create delicate shadow, which safe our coffee. And this is the source of silkiness our Gold.

Main informations:

  • Type of instant coffee: freeze-dried
  • Content: 100% Robusta
  • Roast level: medium roasted
  • Characteristics: silkiness, delicate aroma and gentle taste
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